Actions, knowledge, experience, degrees, certifications, publications/articles, communications – all of these may indicate professionalism. Two questions: How do I become more professional? How do I identify a professional?

Here are my personal commitments to become more professional:
Secure a degree or certification every year
Write one article that educates about our industry each month
Support industry educational activities
Serve as an officer in our professional association
Teach to the highest industry standards

What can you look for to quickly determine professionalism. Like the lotto: Pick 3!
A degree in their chosen field. Are you aware that under the direction of Dr. David Chapman, the University of Central Oklahoma offers a bachelor degree in real estate, one of only a few in the nation?
Additional certifications, designations beyond their initial degree or license
Published articles or books
Officer in their professional association
Over 5 years experience
Rave referrals from at least two customers
Recognized trainer or teacher

The commercial property or home that you buy is one of the largest financial investments, financial risks that you undertake in your life. Shouldn’t you expect, demand, maybe even invest 10 or 15 minutes to research, your real estate agent’s and your home inspector’s professionalism?

If you want more information about one of the best real estate degree programs in the country, contact, J. David Chapman, PhD, UCO Real Estate Program, [email protected], 405-202-2676,

If you want information about one of the best inspection schools, contact Fred Ayers, HITS (Home Inspection Training Specialists) at 405/323-9722.

If you want the most thorough, the most professional property inspection, contact A to Z Inspections at 405/412-7861, extension 2 for commercial, extension 1 for residential.