A National Association of Realtors survey revealed, only a small percentage of purchase contracts fell apart due to a thorough commercial inspection.

Inspectors are often feared as “deal-killers”. Very few sales fail as a result of inspections. A deal that failed because of negative inspection findings is probably a positive for the seller, buyer, and real estate agent. Finding problems before a lot of money changes hands most likely prevents losses, future lawsuits, and hits to an agent’s reputation.
“The best defense is a good offense.” A tough pre-listing (or seller’s) inspection will prevent the “surprise” negative inspection coming after all the parties have contracted. The seller can use the information to make repairs the seller wants to make and be prepared to discuss/negotiate the remaining.

Commercial property purchases are major commitments. Failure to secure the most thorough professional property inspection available is a failure to demand the due diligence we would normally exercise when purchasing a used car, selecting a physician, or considering an investment advisor.
A pre-listing/seller’s inspection by a tough inspector can make for smooth “sale-ing”!

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