The purchase of a home or commercial property is a huge investment of money and time. We want our property to perform to our hopes and expectations. We need and want to feel safety in our decision.

Many statements are made about property inspectors that you should evaluate. They usually fall into four categories:
“It’s new construction so you do not need an inspection” In our 18-plus years in business, we have found unfinished roofs, unfinished plumbing, incorrect and dangerous electrical writing, leaking shower pans…all in new construction. When will it be easier to get the work corrected? Before you close? Or after you have paid?
“You have a warranty so you don’t need an inspection.” Warranties can certainly be a benefit. Even the best warranties that we have seen, however, take a lot of time, never cover everything, and sometimes seem written not to cover items. As an aside, A to Z Inspections provides the best warranty for a home owner: We will buy the home back from you at what you paid for it if we miss anything that the standards of practice require. The only caveats are that you must live in the home, a real estate agent must be involved, and the warranty is good for 90 days.
“We’ve got an inspector that we always use.” Or “That company is a deal killer.” Be sure that you get an independent third party that is working only for your interest. As past president of our state professional association twice, I have certainly heard inspectors say that they work for the real estate agent because that is where they get their referrals. Nationally-known inspector Barry Stone, in his syndicated column, says that you should seek out the inspection company that is “too picky, a deal killer” and similar descriptors.
“There are other offers. You don’t want to blow the deal” If you let sales tactics stop you from performing due diligence, you will regret it later.