This is the time of year that many people are moving—even in the cold.

home inspection report of roof

Home inspections in Oklahoma City will be going fast and furious. Make sure you hire a reputable, experienced home inspector in Oklahoma City.
Over 75% of individuals who give up their homes, for health or physical reasons, could remain at home with the right planning and assistance. Your home must be made safely functional and pleasurable and modifications should be affordable.
Here are some suggestions that you consider when you are setting up the inspection:
What is their accessibility and timeliness. By that I mean do they offer Next Day Service (sometimes same day service).When is Report Available —Same Day. Are they a single inspector or is it a company with licensed Inspectors available 365 days a year — they may be an additional charge for Sundays/Holidays). is the final detailed report reviewed on site; Did they return you phone call promptly; is it a digital report with pictures; Is Thermal Imaging and Scoping Available

You want a home inspector that knows roofs and can tell if the roof was replaced correctly and within the normal standards and practices of the roofing industry.

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When making one of the largest purchases of your life, you want assurance that there are no major things wrong that you did not know about. It is reasonable and fair to expect, and you should insist, that a residential home or a commercial property be delivered to you...

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