In 1979, after 2,500 Vietnam-era families petitioned Congress for a day of remembrance for prisoners of war and those missing in action, Congress designated the third Friday of September as the National POW/MIA Recognition Day.

Four-tenths of one percent (0.4 of 1%) of American adults join America’s military. Let us remember those who served and especially those who were lost.

Would you mark the third Friday in September of next year and years following on your calendar to remember and honor America’s POWs and MIAs? Every cemetery in Oklahoma City has a veteran’s grave that is neglected. Might you consider adopting one?

I wish to thank my three sons – Chad, Cord, and Cole Werner – and my nephew Jason Blevins for their military service. Many feel that their children are too good for military service. I hope Werners will always raise their hands and say, “I’ll go. Send me.”

WW II  POW 130,201 Died while POW 14,072 MIA 73,515
Korean War POW 7,140 Died while POW  2,701 MIA 7,841
Cold War Era MIA 126
Vietnam POW 725 Died while POW  64 MIA 1,626
Gulf War, Iraq and
Afghanistan POW 37 MIA 6