Yes, there is a reason A to Z has been picked up in a client’s private airplane and flown to New Mexico to perform an inspection. It is the same reason that we have been hired multiple times by law firms as expert witnesses, that the Oklahoma Department of Commerce hired us to inspect properties all over the state, and the National Association of Home Builders designated me as one of twelve Master Instructors in the nation: A continual commitment to providing the most thorough property (commercial or residential) inspection available by being a learning and teaching company.

WE HAVE SOME BAD REVIEWS—but not one from a customer. We probably have a hundred RAVE reviews, but there are five or six out there from disgruntled real estate agents or home sellers that say we are too picky, are deal busters, and take too long. There are two reviews from dishonest home owners who were intentionally trying to hide things.

Let me answer the question, “Where’s the beef?” Three answers:

Please, go on line to the Oklahoma Supreme Court Network ( and look up A to Z Inspections or Jack Werner under civil lawsuits AND LOOK UP ANY OTHER COMPANY YOU ARE CONSIDERING. We are slower, we are more expensive—there is a reason we have never been sued. WE ARE THOROUGH. If we ever miss something or break something, we stand up. My biggest competitor is at least 25% cheaper. If you look up that company you will see six lawsuits have been filed over their inspections. THERE IS A REASON.
Always call your state home builders association (OSHBA) and ask, “What inspection company is the most professional, the most thorough?”
As Barry Stone,, syndicated columnist, has said dozens of times: You want the inspector with a reputation of being “too picky,” “deal buster,” “takes too long.” You want “the most thorough.”