This is simple. Use a water hose and a regular spray nozzle.

Before an inspection, Clean your outdoor condenser. Dirty A/C coils DO NOT USE A PRESSURE WASHER OR JET NOZZLE. You could damage the A/C coils. Recommend you turn the power off by pulling the disconnect. From there spray any debris on the outside of the coils down to the bottom of the unit. Then slowly work your way around the unit and spray coils till the water goes through the coils. This gets any dirt that built up between the fins out. Once you have gotten all sides (most people miss the side next to the house wall). Then you can dry off and reinsert/turn the disconnect back on.
The last thing is go to your inside coil box. This is attached to the furnace and where the copper lines from the outside A/C connect to the other half of your A/C. You are looking for condition air leaks. I.E. the air that you are paying to heat or cool. It is blowing out around the coil box in different spots. When it is
Coil box hot outside and the A/C is running it is very easy to identify. Just move your hands around the unit. Once you have identified all the spots that allow the conditioned air out you need to seal them. You can do this with HVAC Foil tape, silicone caulking. Seal all areas where the condition air leaks have been found.
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