When making one of the largest purchases of your life, you want assurance that there are no major things wrong that you did not know about.

It is reasonable and fair to expect, and you should insist, that a residential home or a commercial property be delivered to you in safe, properly working order and with no broken components. Doesn’t that sound reasonable and fair?

These are actual answers/comments in response to inquiries and concerns. Further inspection showed there were problems in each case.

When was the roof installed?
“We just had someone look at the roof. It’s fine.”

Do you know when the septic tank was emptied?
“We’ve lived here 17 years and never had a problem.”

“It’s under warranty. You shouldn’t need an inspection.”
Really? Have you ever had a problem with a warranty?

“That inspection company takes too long.”
You want the most thorough inspection possible.

“You are buying the house ‘as is’.”
You still need to know what you are getting.

“That inspection company is too picky.”
Yes! We are, and that is the inspection you want.

“That company will bust your deal.”
Deals bust only over BIG things you didn’t know about before the inspection.

“I don’t see why you need an inspection.”
You don’t have to justify getting an inspection with the inspector of YOUR choice. It’s your right.

“I have someone much cheaper.”
That guy probably inspects for the real estate agent’s benefit, not yours.

When an agent tries to direct you away from the inspector of your choice, you should call the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission at 405/521-3387.