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Our home inspectors give you all the facts on your property. You are about to make a large purchase—call us to know what you are buying into.

The experienced team at A to Z Inspections offers top notch service far beyond that of any ordinary building and home inspection. We have the reputation for being the toughest home inspectors in OKC since we are so experienced and thorough. 


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What to consider in a home inspection

This is the time of year that many people are moving—even in the cold. Home inspections in Oklahoma City will be going fast and furious. Make sure you hire a reputable, experienced home inspector in Oklahoma City.

What is a complete home inspection?

My life has gone very well because I accept general principles, common business precepts, as applicable to me. The standard rule on the three factors involved in every purchase is that you can, at best, secure only two out of the three.

Hiring a home inspector

You want your surgeon, CPA, auto mechanic and home inspector to be up, and stay up, on the newest rules and information.

Ariel Kates of Keller Williams highly recommends A to Z Inspections.

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Buyers and investors want an A to Z inspection because of our education, training, and experience.

Our inspectors go thru an in depth training process beyond the state requirements because you want the most qualified commercial and home inspector to give you all the facts. 

We wrote the training curriculum book on for residential swimming pools, and all of our inspectors are required to attend biweekly training seminars.

In addtion to the above ceertifications we have 3 Master inspectors; 11 EPA certified waster water systems (Septic); 10 commercial certified inspectors; 3 EPA certified instructors on lead based paint; Asbestos certified inspector;  and 4 CIB certified instructors.

Residential Inspections

  • A minimum of 2 inspectors on each inspection
  • Minimum of 2 hours on the property which totals to 4 man hours
  • Detailed inspection of 100s of items
  • Personal review of our report with you
  • Digital report emailed within 24 hours

Commercial Inspections

Each team has a lead inspector who has a minimum of 500 inspections and many have over 1500.Our inspectors go thru an in depth training process beyond the state requirements because you want the most qualified commercial inspector to give you all the facts.

Property Condition Assessment(PCA)

An evaluation inspection on the physical condition of a commercial real estate property.

Includes details of the buildings systems they may be purchasing, leasing, financing, maintaining or evaluating. 

Certified ADA Inspector

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) established a clear and comprehensive prohibition of discrimination on the basis of disability.
Our inspection provides all of the information that the property owner or manager needs in order to bring their facilities into compliance.

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