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When it comes to your home inspection, you don’t want it to be fast—you want it to be thorough—we even teach home inspection courses.

                                           Our inspectors have professional training including but not limited to: structure, exterior,

                                           roof systems, appliances, plumbing systems, electrical systems, heat and air systems, and the interior of the home. Several inspectors specialize in water wells, conventional and aerobic septic systems, swimming pools, sprinkler systems, and historic homes. In fact, the home shown above is an historic home where Jack lives.


Residential Inspections

Oklahoma City's home inspector experts

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Our 2 man teams' thorough inspections include:
  • Minimum of 4 man hours
  • A detailed inspection of 100′s of items
  • A nine page, full report provided for you at the inspection
  • Personal review of our report with you!

We inspect the following items which are priced separately: swimming pools, hot tubs, sprinkler systems, water wells, septic tanks, additional stories, detached buildings, crawl spaces, basements, extra heat and air zones/hot water tanks,  and the lighting of appliances.


Only performed in conjunction with full inspections, at an additional charge

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