If you are buying commercial property – new or old:


A to Z Inspections Commercial Teams consist of 2 - 10 experienced inspectors.

We have inspected them all: Businesses, Apartment Complexes, Condominiums, Townhouses, Restaurants, Warehouses, Grocery Stores, Strip Malls, Dental Offices, Medical offices, even Mortuaries.

Common statements we hear about commercial building inspections:

• “Oh, you don’t need an inspection.”

• “People don’t usually get an inspection on this type of property.”

• “Why would you need an inspection on new construction?”

•  “It’s an old building; you can’t expect it to be like a new building.”

• “You are buying the property as is, there is no point in getting an inspection.”

If someone tells you any variation of one of these statements, ASK YOURSELF: Do they make money if I purchase this property?

3 things to consider for Commercial Inspections

Inspected by A to Z Inspections

Almost everything can be fixed and most properties, residential or commercial, are worth the effort and the money. DO NOT ALLOW UNETHICAL OR IGNORANT SELF-INTEREST TO DETER YOU FROM GETTING A THOROUGH INSPECTION. Here are some things our inspectors found that the seller had not disclosed in cases where the buyer had been told that an inspection wasn’t needed:

•    One whole building in a 32-building apartment complex that had been flooded by proximate city drainage, more than once.

•    A leaking old roof on an office building that was presented as a new roof.

•    A totaled roof on a hair salon that “had just been checked by the insurance company and was fine.” (The owner had received and spent the money for the roof.)

•    A burned-out kitchen and termites in both buildings in a two-building apartment complex. Both real estate agents had advised that it wasn’t customary to get an inspection and that everything had been disclosed.

•    A strip shopping center where all the electrical wiring had been stolen. The owner (after saying that an inspection was not needed) said, “Oh, I was going to tell him about it before closing.” But it was not disclosed until our inspection.

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A  commercial property inspection is a complete written

assessment of the structure and all of the visible problems.

  1. STRUCTURE: The structural integrity of the building. Are there problems with the
    structure to the point that perhaps we need to call in a structural engineer?
  2. EXTERIOR: How is the cladding? The cladding is the exterior covering, usually
    siding (vinyl or cement), brick, EIFS, stucco, or a combination of different materials.
    How’s the drainage around the building? Are there tree limbs or roots causing
    damage? Is there anything about the exterior that should be noted for repair?
  3. ROOF: Besides the roofing material (shingles or other products), the roof inspection
    includes the soffit, fascia board, attic – including insulation and ventilation - gutters,
    and the bracing.
  4. PLUMBING: Everything about the flow of water into or out of the building: Do the toilets flush properly? Does every faucet have hot and cold water without drips or leaks? Do they have reasonably adequate pressure?
  5. ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: What’s the service amperage? Do we see any signs of specific problems? Do breakers trip or the ground fault interrupters (GFCI’s) pop? Are there any burn marks or scorch marks on receptacles?
  6. HEAT AND AIR: Does the air conditioner and the furnace function properly? The system is inspected for proper temperature differentials, visible signs of problems such as scorching, condensation stains, rust, disconnected ductwork, etc.
  7. BUILT-IN EQUIPMENT OR APPLIANCES: This category includes kitchens, office refrigerators, and built-in stoves. These are checked and reported on.
  8. INTERIOR: Inspections are normally not about cosmetic issues (stained, dirty, ugly), but about checking to see whether something is broken, unsafe, or not working as intended. This category includes wall, cabinets, windows, and floor coverings. Are exterior hinges installed properly or could the pins be removed allowing unwanted access?

A to Z Inspections' experienced team offers top notch service far beyond that of any ordinary building and home inspection.

What do commercial inspectors look for and why you need and inspection whether you are buying or selling a building.


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